Help Us Stop Development of Burlington’s Green Space

We are fundraising to stop the proposed development in Millcroft as well as future developments of Burlington’s current green space.

Your donations will cover fees for our lawyers, planners, as well as community outreach and marketing. We thank you for your support.

Final Public Meeting Videos

The City has made the videos of the public meeting available for all to view, click any of the links below to watch.

The City of Burlington Needs Your Feedback!

Millcroft Greens’ application to introduce residential development to the existing Millcroft golf course was considered complete by the City on December 18, 2020 and is now in the process of a formal review. The City planners will consider many factors in reviewing the application, including residents’ opinions – which do matter.

We encourage each of you to please write a letter to City staff detailing precisely why you oppose this development and the ways in which it will detrimentally impact the Millcroft we all know and love. Your letters need not be technical or reflect any particular expertise – they simply need to be genuine. The planner assigned to the application is Rebecca Lau.

To begin writing your email to the city, click on either of the buttons below.

Planner’s Official Report to the City

Thanks to all your donations we have been able to hire Allan Ramsay, the writer of the 2008 Burlington Official Plan, to write a response to the city regarding the Millcroft Greens application. We have included a link to his response in this post for all of you to view.

Caring for Our Neighbours

Millcroft was designed around natural ecology to blend community and natural heritage.

Healthy Ecosystem

The current natural space is an essential part of a healthy ecosystem that benefits human, ecological, and economic health.


Preservation of our natural environment will ensure generations to come will enjoy the natural heritage we have today.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Is M.A.D.?

M.A.D. is a non-profit organization formed in response to the proposed  residential development on the Millcroft golf course. Our mission is to preserve the integrity of the existing Millcroft golf course and retain its original and current zoning of “Zone 01 – Open Space.”

2. How are you going to fight this?

We are engaging community members with valuable skills, hiring relevant professionals, and studying the development process. With determination, skill, preparation, and strength in numbers, we believe we can save our green space.

3. How can I help?

If you have a personal or professional skill that could serve the group’s goals or if you have time to donate, please reach out through our volunteer form  using our contact form. Moreover, please visit our website often for updates on our activities and calls to action for our members.

Burlington Planning Process

Planning in Ontario is governed by the provincial Planning Act. The Act sets out the steps that municipalities must follow during planning processes – such as the requirement for public notice – and ensures that municipalities consider key provincial policies in their decision making, such as environmental protection and the preservation of farmland.

  • 1. Pre-Consultation Meeting

    The developer first met with staff from the City of Burlington and Halton Region at a pre-consultation meeting.

  • 2. Pre-Application Consultation Meeting Hosted by Developer

    This meeting between the developer, the City, and all concerned residents was held virtually on Sep. 21, 2020.

  • 3. Development Application is Submitted

    The property owner/developer, or “applicant,” submitted an application to Burlington’s Department of City Building on Nov 6, 2020.

  • 4. Notification to Neighbouring Property Owners

    The assigned planner will issue a letter to all property owners located within 120 metres of the proposed development.

  • 5. Circulation of Application to Agencies

    The assigned planner sends information about the development application to local external agencies, including Conservation Halton, as well as internal City departments, such as Transportation.

  • 6. Preparation of Information Report for Members of City Council

    Pertinent information is gathered to present to members of City Council at the statutory public meeting.

  • 7. Statutory Public Meeting

    A meeting is held with members of City Council to review the development application. No recommendation or decision about the development application is made at the statutory public meeting.

  • 8. Preparation of Recommendation Report to Approve, Modify, or Refuse the Development Application

    Once City Council has reviewed the application, the assigned planner will prepare a recommendation report to be presented at a second Planning and Development Committee meeting.

  • 9. Recommendation Report to Planning and Development Committee and City Council Decision

    At this meeting, City Council votes to approve, refuse, or modify the development application.

  • 10. Notice of Council Decision/Appeal Period

    The City Council issues notice of the decision and provides information on how to appeal the decision to LPAT. An applicant or an individual may appeal Council's decision related to a development application.

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